Cookie Policy


In accordance with Directive 2009/136/EC we would like to inform you that our website may use cookies to clarify how users have reached our website and to identify recurrent general usage patterns during such time as users are on the page. Cookies are messages that a web server sends to a web browser when you visit a website. Your browser stores each message in a small file which will provide us with information about your last visit to our website. That information is collected and analysed overall in order to improve our website’s operation, content and overall look. Most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies but by changing the settings on your computer you can opt not to accept them or you may be asked to accept each new cookies, but doing so could limit the range of options available via the website.



a) Analytics cookies – We are constantly trying to improve our website by simplifying ticket search and booking procedures. The most useful and precious information we receive to that end comes from Analytics Cookies which allow us to anonymously see how visitors to our website are acting, and recording the content they see and what they are interested in. That helps us improve our services and the online experience we offer you and helps us ensure that our users find the information they are looking for.

b) Social networking cookies – Using these cookies we have the chance to integrate content from social networks to share social network widgets or tailor your experience based on the information relevant to you which you have shared in the past via your social networking accounts.

c) Advertising cookies – Let us help you by suggesting special offers of real interest to you. These cookies collect information about your preferences and choices while on our website, so you see tailored advertising in keeping with the products and services of real interest to you.

d) Technical cookies – These only relate to website usage. They are vital for us to properly and accurately provide you with the services you are seeking

e) Functional cookies – These are necessary to provide the services users are looking for from the website. Our site uses these cookies.

f) New Relics – We use New Relic Analytics to monitor our website performance, its hidden back systems and architecture. Using that information, we can make changes to improve website performance.