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about Anamae

Maeva Medus is a designer and a stylist, born in Paris, France.
As a little girl, she has a natural talent for styling and craft, during the 80s her family moved to Athens, Greece where she currently lives. Her studies in art history, design and graphic arts helped her work as fashion stylist and fashion editor for fashion magazines.

She worked over a decade as a journalistTV host and a television producer, but decided to drop her career on television and follow her passion for fashion and design.

In 2000, she moves to Paris to master her skills in design, and created a textile collection for a French brand.

In 2007 in Athens, to meet her creative needs and driven by her love for fashion and accessories, she founded her brand “Medus’art”.
Since the foundation of Medus’art, she has maintained a regular and uplifting presence in the field of artisanal jewelry.


1.000 creations





Jewelry making is my life, style and fashion are my destiny.
Everything I create is done with attention to detail and a lot of love.
Behind Anamae lies the responsibility and consistency
of delivering wonderful designs to our clients.

Annabel, was born in Aubervilliers, France, and is an HR assistant in the travel industry with a strong passion for crafts and embroidery. Since a little girl, she loved to make beautiful pieces of embroidery, sewing, and DIY projects.


Together, Maeva and Annabel created “Anamae” whose name is a combination of their first names.

Their vision is to make Anamae the most dynamic brand in the field of handmade jewelry and fashion accessories.

Combining elegance, simplicity, and mastery of detail, Anamae creations, inspired by instinct for tomorrow’s trend, are pieces of progressive art.

Anamae produces unique handmade jewelry, fashion accessories, wedding accessories, beach wear and home accessories. Most of the materials used are made in Greece and meet high-quality standards.

“Our jewelries and accessories stand out for their design and excellent quality, while our professionalism helps us build relationships of trust with our clients. We offer you quality jewelries and accessories and a constant  update of fashion trends. All of our products are handmade, durable and made in our workshop in Athens.”